A professional kitchen deep clean includes complete cleaning of the tiles, floors, ceilings, sinks, appliances, ventilators, windows, and pipework of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the integral part where food is being cooked, you should never neglect the opportunity to get your kitchen deep cleaned. 

Deep cleaning will help you get rid of bacteria, grease, and pest infestations. Hire professionals for house cleaning in Dorchester and ask them to deep clean your kitchen. They will pay special attention to the oven, grills, sinks, pipes, gutters, and grease present in the countertop, cabinets, and door of the kitchen. 

Kitchen deep cleaning process – What is included?

Cleaning of the sink 

The sink is where all the utensils are kept or dipped for future washing and cleaning purposes. During the deep cleaning process, the utensils and pans are removed, and the sink is cleaned using chemical solutions to remove grease and oil deposits. The pipe connecting the sink with the drain is also removed. The professionals also clean the pipes with an acidic solution. 

Cleaning of kitchen floors

During deep cleaning, the cleaning specialists scrub the kitchen floors and use steam cleaning solutions and a wet vacuum to clean the kitchen floors. They give utmost attention to the corners, pipeworks, legs and wheels to thoroughly clean and remove the grease and dirt. 

Countertop and tile scrubbing 

Along with floors, specialists also clean the countertops and kitchen tiles. They scrub and mop them with chemical-based cleaning solutions so that they become clean and shiny. The grills in the kitchen windows become greasy and oily with time. Specialists have unique cleaning solutions to remove them. 

Stain removal services 

Kitchen stains are common. The specialists remove stains from different kitchen parts using degreasing chemical solutions. They also clean the ceiling lights, which have become oily due to repeated cooking. 

Cobweb removal 

Cobwebs tend to build up in the ceiling if you’ve not cleaned your kitchen lately. During deep cleaning, ask the professionals to remove and clean the same and retain your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

For comprehensive home cleaning services, contact Dorset Cleaning Services Ltd. We have built a positive reputation over the years in offering home cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning services. We specialise in carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, oven cleaning, and dusting and polishing services as well. 

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